Thursday, March 10, 2011

Desert Wave Studios Opens its Doors.....

Never underestimate a 450 square foot room when it comes to painting.  There are something like 10,000 different colors to choose from and the difference in some shades may not even register depending on the eye that is viewing it.  So I decided to keep things simple and go with Cafe créme, which is the number one selling paint in the country at the moment, and Chianti, which I chose because it was named after a type of alcohol and boy doesn't everybody love to drink these days.  Americans consume something like 16 million gallons of beer a day and since we know not everybody drinks we can assume that most the people I know including myself make up for those non-drinkers in a big way.  Now painting by yourself seems like an ok idea when you think that with a little music and some pizza you can knock out.... half a wall in 2 hours??? This is the point where the roommates come in handy.  They can roll through a wall and a half in about an hour and cut my work by a third.  So once I got the painting to where it looked decent a week later after Charlie and I did some touch up work, I pulled tape and plastic to reveal a pretty neat sight.

Now it was time to start buying things, furniture, lights, plants, light stands, chairs, mirrors, prints...etc.  I wound up having to build all the furniture minus the love seat.

Once I had the furniture built I started to plant my yucca and lay rugs and hang paintings and mirrors and the place really started to come together the way I imagined it in my head when I signed my lease.  I had an epiphany around christmas time last year where I realized that I could not live my life, especially my young adult life, and exert my energy into a profession that I did not love.  I find it to be a waste of life when people don't attempt to follow their dreams.  Imagine where the world would be if everybody was happy when they got up to go to work in the morning, the world would be a much more positive place.  And so I begin my journey into the real world with the affirmation that no matter what happens with Desert Wave Studios I will know that I have pursued a dream.

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